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Tourlakshadweep.com is a subsidiary of Kairali Holidays Cochin a Company Registered Under Kerala India Headquarted at Cochin Deals with all aspects of Lakshadweep tourism packages by SPORTS(The Society for Promotion of Nature Tourism and Sports) is a society formed by the Lakshadweep Administration in 1982 with the avowed aim of tapping tourism potential of the islands and to act as the nodal agency of Lakshadweep Administration for promotion of tourism in the islands.and regular packages as Samudram Package, Weekend/silversand package, Coarl Reef Package,Island stay packages with ship/Air for kadmat,Kavartti, Minicoy, Bangaram ,Thinnakara and other private operators for Agatti stay packages, Sports fishing, coral dive packages, , deep sea dive packages, water sports etc.


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Ship package

Special Mansoon Package 2016 Operated By Ship From Cochin by SPORTS for the TOURISTS to experience Islands like Minicoy and Kavaratti etc.. in this time

Air package

The tourists may book their flight tickets for onward and return journey from Kochi to Agatti and back to Kochi, after reserving their accommodation at Agatti Island Holiday Home. We arrange every Possible means to visit agatti and other Near by island like Bangaram , Thinnakara, Parali, Parali-1, Kalpitty etc..

Monsoon package

The tourists may book their flight tickets for onward and return journey from Kochi to Agatti and back to Kochi, after reserving Tour package to Bangaram Non AC Tents will be available from 20th May 2015. Helicopter transfer will be available on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Helicopter charges for both way will be Rs.6999/- per head.

Samudram package

A 5 day cruise Package to Kavaratti, Kalpeni,Kadmath and Minicoy islands visits any 3 Island byall weather liner M V Kavaratti.The islands tour is organized during the day with lunch and refreshments ashore. Nights are spent on board of the ship. Swimming, snorkeling, Scuba Diving and other water sports activities.

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Tourlakshadweep.com is intended to serve the passengers those who would like to travel Lakshadweep, it is an initiative by the parent company Kairali Holidays Cochin.

  1. We are headquartered in Cochin, where the SPORTS (The Society for Promotion of Nature Tourism and Sports) do there all operational, even most of the schedules of the ships and flight are scheduled.

  2. We can give ground assistance here in Cochin Like Airport/ Railway station Pick Up-Drop, Staying assistance in Cochin where as we hold very good rates with the local hotels , vehicles etc..

  3. If you are planning for a Kerala Tour along with the Lakshadweep tour we can assist you with the best price.

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Island Beach Resorts(Minicoy, Kadmat, Kavaratti, Agatti ,Thinnakara beach huts Non AC Tents at Bangaram presents a breath taking spectacle of sparkling coral reefs, turquoise blue lagoons, silvery beaches and lush green coconut palms. Here time stands still in the mesmerizing beauty of a virgin nature. It is one of world's most spectacular tropical islands untouched by the tourist rush. The emerald green idyllic palm clad islands of Agatti; the long white beaches; the multi-hued shallow, placid lagoon with its myriad life forms; the diamond surf formed by waves striking the reef and the deep blue of the Arabian sea are all feasts to the eye and an experience that will last a lifetime. Perhaps it is one of the very few places where all shades of blue, green and white are present. In fact, the islands and the coral reefs are so varied in its physical form and appearance that no two would look alike. The quietness and the peace is an enthralling experience that ensures total rejuvenation to the body, mind and soul..

     No amount of description can explain the actual beauty of this paradise. It is like discovering something beyond imagination. The resort is located in the most serene spot of the island which is one of the world's most spectacular tropical islands. Swimming or rowing or diving in deep sea or shallow lagoon, viewing the underwater world in glass bottomed boat or visiting an uninhabited island- never is there a moment which is not thrilling or memorable.

    The hosts of the resort are very friendly and well mannered and will attend to the guests needs instantly. The reception is built in traditional and local style. The average transfer time from the Agatti Airport is a two minute walk. There is a specialized restaurant at the beach resort. Guests are served continental, chinese and local cuisine. Jain food is also served at the restaurant. Guests are given the option of indoor or outdoor dining. Special arrangements are made for guests who wish to have the food outside, under the cool shade of the tall coconut trees. Moreover, Barbeque are arranged for guests who catch fish from the lagoon.

    All water sports & sightseeing will depend on climatic conditions & booking will be taken accordingly at Agatti. Payment can be done at Agatti. During off season sightseeing to 4 islands by boat & water sports may not be possible.

    The Resort will not be responsible for any changes in flight/ships schedule, as flight is operated by Indian Airline, & ship by Lakshadweep Administration. Special concessions will be given for student group not less than 15.

    The Bangaram Island Resort(Closed) at Bangaram Island Now only have non ac tents offers you a variety of outdoor pursuits - scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, kayaking and so on. A well-equipped and professionally manned Scuba Diving facility is available at the resort. As a diving location, the virgin reefs of Bangaram have been ranked by experienced divers as being among the best anywhere. Recently an ancient shipwreck was discovered.

Water sports

 Paragliding in Lakshadweep
Surfing in Lakshadeep
 Group Surfing in Lakshadweep

Particulars Rate R.S
Glass bottom trip at lagoon(30min) 650.00
Glass bottom trip at lagoon & reef(1.30min) 950.00
Turtle watch by glass bottomed boat 850.00
Water scooter rider(20 min) 950.00
Water skiing(30 min) 850.00
Speed boating(60min)Mini.2person 1000.00
Day lagoon fishing(2hrs) 850.00
Night lagoon fishing(2hrs) 950.00
Day deep fishing(4hrs) 4000.0
Night deep sea fishing(4hrs) 4000.0
Boating hiring charge for deep sea fishing(4-6hrs) 10000
Uninhabited kalpitti island excursion(2hrs) 650.00
Uninhabited kalpitti island dayspent excursion(9-2) 1100.0
Uninhabited kalpitti island night stay 3850.0
Uninhabited parali island night turtle watch 4400.0
Video camera for rent(per day) 550.00
Snorkeling) 500.00
Suba diving 3000.00
Boat hiring charge for reef snorkeling(2hrs) 850.00
Bangaram island execursion trip(10am-5pm) by normal boat(temporarly stopped) 1300.00

Travel Info

Lakshadweep islands lie about 220 to 440 kms off the Kerala coast between 8 and 12 North Latitudes and 71 and 74 East Longitudes. The islands are connected to mainland by passenger ships and flights operated from Kochi. The airport is in Agatti and facilities exist for helicopter transfer to Kavaratti Island. The remoteness and pristine beauty of these islands combined with the solitude and peace provided by the verdant environment offer an ideal getaway for holidaymakers.


Lakshadweep enjoys a pleasant tropical climate with summer temperatures ranging from 22 C to 33 C and winter temperatures from 20 C to 32 C. Southwest monsoons from June to September bring plenty of rainfall to the islands. Months from October to may are pleasant with slight rise in temperature during March and April. Light cotton tropical clothes are ideal throughout the year. A rain coat will come in handy during the monsoons. Cool sea breeze and abundant shade provided by the canopy of coconut palms make the climate pleasant even during peak summer.


The best time to visit Lakshadweep is from October to mid May. From mid May to September it is rainy. Though all the resorts in Lakshadweep are open throughout the year, reaching there by ship is difficult during monsoon. Islands like Agatti and Bangaram are pleasant even during the monsoon and can be reached by flight form Kochi. Reaching resort like Kadmat, Minicoy and Kavaratti is difficult as they are not connected by flight or helicopter. During monsoons, transport from Agatti to Bangaram is only by helicopter. Nevertheless the rainy season presents a breathtaking experience when the vegetation looks greener than ever and the veil of rain adds a different hue to the beauty of lagoons and the blue seas beyond. Although flights operate through out the year for the tourists, ships operates for local passengers only and are not available for tourist transport during monsoon


Lakshadweep Island can be reached by ships and flights operated from Kochi. For all tourist purposes Kochi is the gate way to Lakshadweep Agatti and Bangaram islands can be reached by flight from Kochi. Indian Airlines and Kingfisher airlines operate flights from Kochi. Onward flights from Kochi are available to most of the airports in India and abroad. Airstrip is there in Agatti island only. From Agatti boats are available to Kavaratti and Kadmat during fair season October to May. Helicopter transfer is available from Agatti to Bangaram Island Resort during monsoon and to Kavaratti through out the year. The flight from Cochin to Agatti takes approximately one hour and thirty minutes. Four passenger ships MV Tipusultan, MV Bharat Seema, MV Amindivi and MV Minicoy operate between Cochin and Lakshadweep. The passage takes 14 to 18 hours depending on island chosen for journey. The ships offer different classes of accommodation: A/C Deluxe Class with two berth cabin s, A/C First Class with four berth cabins and Tourist Class with A/C seating. MV Tipu Sultan has a cafeteria, snack bar, entertainment lounge and upper deck promenade for the tourists. A doctor is available on call on board MV Tipusultan & MV Bharath Seema. MV Amindivi and MV Minicoy also offer comfortable A/C seating ideal for a nights journey.


A dialect of Malayalam is spoken in all the islands except Minicoy. In Minicoy, Mahl is the language used. There is very little difference in the customs and the manners of the people despite a few cultural differences . Marriages are arranged by parents except in Minicoy where courting is prevalent. Arranged marriages are common and the negotiations originate from the brides family. While in Minicoy, the groom is selected from the same social and economic strata, maternal uncles son is the first choice in all the other islands. The Nikah takes place in the Mosque or at the brides residence. In Minicoy the marriage ceremony is relatively simple. The expenses for the functions are borne by the bridegrooms family. An interesting feature of Minicoy is the absence of the parents from certain functions related to the marriage. The average household has 3 - 4 rooms. Minimum furniture is used in homes. A swinging cot is a very common feature. Rice is the staple food of the people. As a rule the people are non - vegetarians. Coconut is widely used. The manner of dressing of the people is simple and similar to the Muslims of Malabar coast. The dress code of Minicoyans are distinct from the other islanders. Jeans and trousers are popular. The territory has a closely - knit community life. In Minicoy, community life is centered around village institution known as - Avah.


Make sure your reservation of tour in advance before leaving your station. Carry your special brand of medicines, cosmetics, cigarettes etc. as only ordinary varieties will be available on the islands. While on board the ship, a representative of SPORTS has been specially designated to assist you. In case of any difficulty, please avail of his services. Do not Litter the land or the water. It pollutes. Do not pick up corals as souvenirs. It is a punishable offence. Do not use alcoholics drinks, intoxicants in the islands. There is prohibition on all islands except Bangaram.


• Do not carry narcotics or drugs. It is a punishable offence.
• Do not swim or sunbathe nude. It is prohibited.
• Do not go out of your island lagoon without permission of the Authorities and without a proper escort. It can be risky.
• Do not pluck tender coconuts yourself. The trees are privately owned and unauthorized plucking of coconuts is a theft. Also a fall from the palm can prove dangerous.
• Avoid booking return journey on the day of arrival back at Kochi. Ships arrival timing is subject to weather, current port clearance


Children between the age group of 1 to 10 years is accommodated at 50% of the accommodation charges and full transport charge.


Once booked, cancellation charge up to 20% will be deducted from the package charges up to 15 days before scheduled departure of ship. If cancelled 7 to 14 days before departure, up to 50% package charge will be deducted if cancelled less than 7 days before departure.


• Consumption of liquor is prohibited in Lakshadweep.
• Program / Schedule of ship is liable to be changed / cancelled without prior notice. Ships are operated by Lakshadweep Administration. In case of a change in the ship schedule liability of is restricted to transporting the tourists back to Cochin by immediate available conveyance of the ship only.
• Tourists availing LTC may collect LTC certificate room Manager on board at the time of return journey or from our Kochi office on return. Transport and tour change bifurcation is given in the tariff chart.
• Service tax applicable as per the prevailing Govt. Tax rate.
• All the payments are to be made by Cash at par in favour of “kairali holidays “PAYABLE” at Kochi.

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